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Virtual Programs

While in-person educational events are currently limited, Jones County Conservation produces regular virtual programs for teachers, families, and the general public to enjoy.

Expand your environmental knowledge with our fun educational videos about everything from wooly caterpillars to campfire cooking! For more education programs, check the county calendar for upcoming events.

Early Spring Woodland Wildflowers

Watch Video (3:16)

Learn the very basic parts of a flower.  Enjoy some of Iowa's early spring woodland wildflowers up close.    Then head outside to see what flowers you can find.  

Early Spring Woodland Wildflower ID Sheet

Iowa Plants Booklet

Parts of a Flower & Flower Parts Quiz

Added April 19, 2021

Elementary - Signs of Spring!

Watch Video (5.19)

Very elementary- Signs of Spring video.  Learn some simple and easy to spot signs of spring.  How many signs of spring can you find? 

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Added March 19, 2021

Elementary Animal Tracks and Sign

Watch Video (4:06)

Learn about some of Iowa's winter animals and the tracks and sign they leave behind.  


Visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Website for a Iowa Wildlife Track Identification Sheet and more information on track identification.


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Added February 23, 2021

Animals in Winter

Watch Video (4:28)

Find out how some wild animals survive an Iowa Winter.    Key vocabulary include: Adapt, Brumate, Hibernate, and Migrate.  Feathers, fur, predator, prey, and survive.

Added February 8, 2021

Fossils, Fossils, Fossils

Watch Video (4:19)

Join us as we investigate fossils. Learn how Iowa's history is written in its stone. Use your imagination to infer what some Iowa fossils used to be and what environment they used to be found in. Then create your own underwater seascape as you imagine life under Iowa's prehistoric seas. Links at the end of this video will direct you to additional fossil and prehistoric sea resources.

Added January 12, 2021

Geology on the Go - Exploring Jones County- A Visit at Pictured Rocks

Watch Video (3:11)

Geology on the Go videos explore geology in Jones County. Our first stop will be a quick glimpse of Pictured Rocks Park and the clues it holds to Iowa's prehistoric geological past.

Added January 12, 2021

Let's Go Snowshoeing

Watch Video (13)

This snowshoeing video is intended to be shown to youth groups or school classes prior to a snowshoeing experience with equipment provided by the Jones County Conservation Department. The basics of snowshoeing are demonstrated including what students should wear to try snowshoeing, parts of a snowshoe, brief background of snowshoes and what may have inspired people to invent snowshoes, how to put snowshoes on, and what students should checkout when exploring with snowshoes.

Added January 12, 2021

What is a Seed?

Watch Video (1:18)

For more in-depth educational videos on the basics of seeds click on the following short video links:

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Added November 16, 2020

Outstanding Owls

Watch Video (4:01)

Here are some other great owl videos to watch:

A fun activity sheet to learn more about owls.

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Added October 30, 2020

Beautiful Bats

Watch Video (4:48)

Fun activities and worksheets on bats:

Here are some other great bat videos to watch:

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Added October 27, 2020

Spooky Spiders

Watch Video (3:31)

Take a deeper look into spiders by watching more educational videos:

For classroom or homeschool activities:

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Added October 19, 2020


Watch Video (2:12)

For more in-depth educational videos and activities on the leaves:

Visit IDNR Website for current peak leaf conditions

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Added October 12, 2020


Watch Video (2:15)

For more fun activities click on the following:

Join PBS Plum Landing: Squirrel for a Day (2:56)

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Added October 2, 2020

Woolly Bear Capterpillars

Watch Video (1:55)

Find out what those wandering woolly bear caterpillars are up to by watching more videos:

Visit the Share it! Science page on Woolly Bears.

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Added September 28, 2020

Signs of Fall

Watch Video (1:50)

Go on a fun "Signs of Fall" scavenger hunt. 

  • Please note: Anyone with nut allergies should not touch or smell tree nuts in the scavenger hunt list.
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Added September 18, 2020


Watch Video (2:11)

For Ladybug ID guides, lesson plan, and activity sheets click on the following links:

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Added September 11, 2020

Monarch Migration

Visit the Journey North website and learn more about the magnificent Monarch Butterfly migration.

For videos on Monarch Tagging:

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Added August 28, 2020

Grasshoppers and Crickets

Visit the Songs of Insects website to hear the songs of different kinds of crickets.

For educational videos and activities on Grasshoppers and Crickets:

Take a Quiz on Kahoot (ID: 08688631)

Added August 17, 2020

Untouchables Hike

Watch Video (6:39)

Download a brochure to learn about four plants you should avoid while playing, working, or hiking in the outdoors.

Added August 2, 2020

Liking Lichens

Watch Video (5:46)

Learn what a lichen is with AmeriCorps Naturalist Intern, Diana Reube, and test your knowledge.

Added July 18, 2020

Bumble Bee Survey

Find out how to survey the bumble bees in your own backyard or a neighborhood park close to you.

To learn more about bumble bees:

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Added July 6, 2020

Amazing Dragonflies!

For in-depth educational and fun videos on dragonflies click on the following short video clips:

Use a pond net and a few empty clear containers to explore along the edge of a pond, wetland, or small stream.  Make sure to go with an adult for safety.  Fill your container with water from the pond or wetland and then using your net try to catch and examine a dragonfly nymph.  Make sure to release all the critters you discover back into the wetland or pond when you are done. 

For more information and activities:

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Added June 29, 2020

Campfire Cooking

Watch Video (6:44)

Learn a simple recipe for use when campfire cooking with foil.

Added June 27, 2020

Fishing Friday: Crappie

Watch Video (7:12)

Catching crappie in a small lake or Iowa farm pond.  

Added June 26, 2020

Meet the Martins

Watch Video (10:25)

Meet the purple martin colony at Central Park in Jones County

Added June 20, 2020

Fishing Friday: Channel Catfish

Watch Video (6:56)

Catching channel catfish in a small lake or pond using nightcrawlers as bait.

Added June 19, 2020

Pokemon in the Park

Watch Video (14:08)

Learn how to safely play Pokemon at Central Park in Jones County, Iowa.

Added June 13, 2020

Fishing Friday: Largemouth Bass

Watch Video (5:22)

Catching largemouth bass with simple spinnerbaits. 

Added June 12, 2020

Fishing Friday: Bluegill Basics

Watch Video (9:11)

For families just learning the basics of bluegill fishing

Added June 4, 2020

May Warbler Walk

Watch Video (6:39)

After watching the Cornell Lab of Ornithology video, head out into your backyard or nearby park to see what warblers you can spot.

Added April 27, 2020

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