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Do you have an emergency plan? Prepare in advance with these tips.

You don't know when an emergency will occur. It's important for your family/household to have a plan in place. Follow these steps to create an emergency plan: 

  1. Decide where to meet
    • First things first, decide where to reconvene if not together when a disaster occurs
  2. Make a plan by discussing these questions with your household and anyone else who would be included in your emergency plan
    • How does your household receive emergency alerts?
    • Where will you find shelter if your home is not an option?
    • What will be your evacuation route?
    • How will you communicate with everyone included in your emergency plan?
  3. Do you have these emergency supplies? Gather as needed for the number of people in your household.
    • Water
    • Nonperishable food
    • Prepared emergency evacuation kit
      Your prepared kit should include needs specific to your household such as medications
    • Reliable vehicle
    • Evacuation funds
    • Generator
    • Access to financial information
  4.  Make your plan
    • Have a disaster plan and share with household members so everyone is aware of the plan
  5. Practice the plan

For more information, please visit

Map · Jones County Emergency Management

500 W. Main St. · Anamosa, IA 52205