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Real Estate

The County Auditor enters and maintains records of all real estate transfers in the County. The Auditor keeps the plat maps and transfer books current so that the public can examine the books to determine property ownership. The Auditor's office works closely with area realtors, attorneys, property owners, land surveyors, and other individuals who deal with real estate transactions.

Real Estate Mapping

Disclaimer: The information on the maps contained in the real estate mapping site does not represent a survey. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of the data delineated herein, either expressed or implied by Jones County or its employees. The maps are compiled from official records, including plats, surveys, recorded deeds, and contracts, and only contain the information required for local government purposes. See the recorded documents for more detailed legal information

ISACA Real Estate Search

Adding or Removing Someone from a Deed

The Auditor's Office cannot prepare deeds for property owners.  We recommend that you contact either an attorney or title search company to have one prepared for you.

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