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Closings & Cancellations

JETS services may not be offered on holidays and in severe weather. Here's how to check if our services are available.

County Holidays

JETS transportation is not available on county holidays.

Severe Weather Closings

Jones County JETS will follow the Monticello and Anamosa School Districts. If both schools are closed due to severe weather, JETS will also be closed for that day. If both schools have late starts we also have late starts, if both schools get out early we also pull our vans off the road at an earlier time.

Cancellations: Posted on KCRG TV 9, KWWL TV 7, KGAN TV 2 as soon as possible.

We are also in close contact with the State Highway Commission and Jones County Secondary Roads to find out what current road conditions are and get their recommendations as to whether or not we should be on the roads.

Customers sometimes ask: Why do you follow the school districts?

The answer is very simple. If the schools feel it is too dangerous for the drivers and children to be on the road, it is also too dangerous for the elderly and disabled to be on the roads. Appointments can be rescheduled but people's lives cannot.

Map · Jones County JETS

814 John Dr. · Monticello, IA 52310