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Front row (Left to Right)

Signman Bill Crowley; Grader Operator Gary Current;  Foreman Ed Plauer;  Grader Operator Thomas Hefflefinger;  Grader Operator Josh Howell;  Foreman Dan Young;  Inventory Control Kim Heady;  Superintendent Mark Stoneking;  Fred Austin;  CAD Technician Matt Burger;  Assistant to Engineer Todd Postel;

Second row (Left to Right)

Grader Operator Dave Goedken;  Chief Inspector Wes Gibbs;  Grader Operator Pat Redmond;  Grader Operator Lance Goldsmith;  Grader Operator Steve Paulsen;  County Engineer Derek Snead;  Foreman Jeff Fortune;  Richy Rupp;  Jared Wild;  Andy Jamison;  

Third row (Left to Right)

Mechanic Cameron Sorgenfrey;  Grader Operator Randy Wehling;  Marve Manternach;  Mechanic Tom Griggs;  Grader Operator Matt Gapinski;  Matt Sams;  Al Parker;  Mike Coons  (Not pictured Lonnie Osterkamp and Roberta Robertson.)

Map · Jones County Secondary Roads

19501 HWY 64 · Anamosa, IA 52205