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Jones County Jail

Find information about jail visitations, inmate mail and phone service, and work releases.

Inmate Visitation

Location of Visit: General Visitation is done by Video Visitation through the Reliance system kiosks located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Department Civil Office and the phone kiosk or tablet located in the inmate’s cell. During the following hours, approved visitors will be able to use the civil office kiosks for visitation on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

A general visitation may not last more than twenty minutes.

The inmate must request a “Visitor Request Form” on the “Daily Request Form” and the list must be submitted to and approved by the Jail Administrator before any visit can occur. 

Per visitation day, each inmate may have up to two 20 minutes visitations. Each approved adult visitor is limited to two visitations per week. 

The only minors that will be approved for visitation are the inmate’s biological children or the approved adult visitor’s biological children.

Inmate Mail

For security reasons, any non-privileged mail may be opened, inspected for contraband, and read.
The Jones County Jail only allows letters, photographs (no polaroid’s) and money to be sent in for inmates. All other material like newspaper clippings, crossword puzzles, etc. are not allowed. 

Incoming mail must have the full name and address for both the person sending the mail, as well as for the person to whom the mail is sent. If the incoming letter does not have the full mail and return address, the letter will be placed in inmate’s property box in the booking room, and the inmate will be given it when they are released.

Jail Address
        Inmate Full Name
        Jones County Jail
        P.O. Box 167 
        Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Inmate Phone Service

The Jones County Jail uses the Reliance Telephone system as its Inmate communications provider. Inmates can call, text or video chat through the Reliance system. 

You can use your smart phone or computer to set up collect calling, fund texting, and buy inmate phone cards online at At this time, funds cannot be added to a Reliance account through the Sheriff’s Office or Jones County Jail. All transactions are done through the Reliance website or customer service number 1-800-896-3201.

To leave an inmate a voicemail, call 319-462-8519. Messages are not private and are available for only three days.

Electronic Monitoring Program

Work Release and In-Home Detention are administered through the Electronic Monitoring Program here at the Jones County Sheriff's Office. Work Release or In-Home Detention may be approved with the appropriate Court Order and with approval from the Jones County Sheriff's Office. Upon receipt of a court order approving Work Release or In-Home Detention, the individual will be responsible for completing an Electronic Monitoring Application,  scheduling jail time and scheduling and completing an Electronic Monitoring Program Interview. 

The first step is to complete and turn in to the Jail Administrator the Electronic Monitoring Application. The Electronic Monitoring Program interview must be completed 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the start of your sentence. The interview will not be completed until all necessary paperwork has been collected as outlined in the Electronic Monitoring Program Application Process. Once all items have been collected, the sentenced individual can call 319-462-2720 to schedule the Electronic Monitoring Program interview with the Jail Administrator. Interviews will be conducted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m

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