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Jones County Public Health, in partnership with ECICOG, 5-2-1-0 Projects

5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! Funding

The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services announced that Olin & Anamosa of Jones County have been awarded a $30,000 First Year Award grant as part of 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! -- an evidence-based prevention framework to promote healthy habits for early care, k-12 schools, out-of-school programs and health care practices.

Since 2017, the program has used five servings of vegetables, two hours or less of recreational screen time, 1 hour of physical activity, and zero sugary drinks as a guide to encourage communities to find ways to eat healthy foods and increase physical activity. To learn more about 5-2-1-0 and access free resources, visit:

The application for this award was submitted by Jones County Public Health in partnership with East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) and, would not have been possible without the ongoing input, support, and collaboration of community partners.

A full press release can be found here.

Community Garden Project

We will partner with Olin Elementary School to build and maintain a community garden to grow edible plants and edible landscaping on the school grounds, and edible landscaping in the community. The garden will support hands-on gardening opportunities and allow children to strengthen their understanding of how food grows and where food comes from. The garden will provide educational opportunities related to food, nutrition, and agriculture. Olin Elementary School will collaborate with community partners to offer programming that educates and engages families through taste testing, cooking, food preparation, etc.

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A list of outstanding needs can be found here.

Physical Activity Project - Community Wide Health Program 

Jones County Public Health will partner with Olin and Anamosa Communities to implement and promote groups and programs that help people of all ages and abilities be physically active together. We will do this by implementing evidence-based physical activity education through a community-wide Health Program that provides more opportunities for physical activity through easily accessible/ADA accessible workouts. Olin School will implement a walking/running club and establish open gym access with volunteers and staffing. The groups and programs will be equitable and inclusive to everyone in the community. The walking/running club and open gym will be inclusive/support to people with disabilities and chronic health conditions so they can participate in physical activity. 

Physical Activity Policy Project

Olin and Anamosa communities will work with childcare providers and schools to increase the number of Iowa care centers and schools implementing best practices in indoor and outdoor active play, including:

  • Provide outdoor playtime to preschool children and toddlers at least three times per day, and for K-5 at least twice a day, and 6-12 and out of school at least once a day.
  • There are several different play areas and options for physical activity in the indoor and outdoor play space.
  • Teachers/staff receive professional development on children’s physical activity and outdoor play and learning.
  • Provide indoor playtime to preschool children and toddlers so that indoor and outdoor physical activity totals 90 minutes or more each day.
  • Tummy time is offered to non-crawling infants. 
  • Enact policies to ensure physical activity is not withheld/used as punishment at schools and childcare centers.
  • Teachers incorporate physical activity into classroom routines, transitions, and planned activities each time they see an opportunity.

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