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Hale Wildlife Area

This 260-acre area, located northeast of Hale, includes 6 ponds, 8 wetlands, 197 acres of upland and prairie, and 45 acres of trees.

This undeveloped natural area accessible by foot includes restored ponds, wetlands, and prairie, as well as a small wooded draw that provides vital habitat and recreational opportunities.  The area is walk-in only — no motorized vehicles are allowed.


Hale Wildlife Area Map

Hale Wildlife Areas Rules and Regulations

Park Features




Park Hours

4:30am to 10:30pm


Located northeast of Hale, Iowa. Take County Road E-45 east out of Hale. Turn left onto 75th Ave. Turn left onto 62nd St. The parking lot for the Hale Wildlife Area is at the end of 62nd St.

Map · Hale Wildlife Area